Sharply Brand Knits

The way to a man's heart is through a perfect t-shirt.

When we started out to make a men's lifestyle brand, we knew the softness of our shirts had to be undeniable. We also knew there was only one person we wanted to design and develop our shirts. Sonya Trejo, owner of Creative Strategies in Los Angeles, is known for her timeless designs, wash techniques, and great fit.

Together we've succeeded in creating what we set out to make: perfect-fit, high-quality shirts that are never-gonna-take-it-off, live-in-it-forever soft. 

Sharply Cashmere

Our Sharply cashmere partners adhere to strict European cashmere production standards that are consistent with their heritage. From the technical design of every garment and fiber selection through dyeing, yarn-spinning, garment production, and quality control, you can rest assured that you are acquiring a product that is designed and hand-crafted to last. The fiber is hand-combed from the finest downy fleece of the cashmere goat, promising the softest sweater you’ll ever own.